Nurturing Success, Transforming Tomorrows

Ms. Lisa M. Anderson

Chief Operating Officer at a financial technology company, expert in digital transformation and financial technology solutions, Ex-Managing Director at a leading fintech firm, Former Senior Consultant at a major consulting firm, Harvard Business School alumna, MBA in Finance from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Specialties: Digital Transformation, Financial Technology, Strategic Planning.
Domain Expertise: Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, E-commerce.

Mr. Rohit K. Mehta

Founder and CEO of a data analytics company, known for his pioneering work in data analytics and artificial intelligence, Ex-Head of Data Science at a major tech corporation, Former Principal Scientist at a renowned research lab, recipient of a prestigious innovation award, IIT Delhi alumnus, Master’s in Data Science from a top university.

Specialties: Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.
Domain Expertise: Information Technology, Telecom, Healthcare, E-commerce.

Dr. Michael J. Thompson

Head of Cybersecurity Research at a top cybersecurity firm, renowned for his contributions to cybersecurity and ethical hacking, Ex-Senior Research Scientist at a major space agency, Former Director of Cybersecurity at a national security agency, published author of “Cybersecurity Strategies for Modern Enterprises”, MIT alumnus, Doctor of Cybersecurity from Stanford University.

Specialties: Cybersecurity, Ethical Hacking, Network Security.
Domain Expertise: Information Technology, Government, Defense, Financial Services.

Dr. Amara N. Patel

Senior Vice President of Cloud Solutions at a leading tech firm, specializing in cloud architecture and migration strategies, Ex-Chief Technology Officer at a multinational technology company, Visiting Professor at a prestigious university, holder of multiple patents in cloud computing and distributed systems, Stanford University alumnus, Doctor of Computer Science from Harvard University.

Specialties: Cloud Architecture, Cloud Security, Distributed Systems.
Domain Expertise: Information Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail.

Mr. David L. Harris

Chief Innovation Officer at a sustainable technology company, expert in sustainable technology and renewable energy solutions, Ex-Director of Innovation at a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, Former Head of Research and Development at a major energy company, MIT alumnus, Master’s in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.

Specialties: Sustainable Technology, Renewable Energy, Environmental Engineering.
Domain Expertise: Energy, Environmental Services, Manufacturing, Government.

We take pride in the collaborative spirit of our Advisory Council, a pivotal force in our mission to shape futures and empower the next generation of leaders. Composed of entrepreneurial trailblazers and corporate titans, our council members have excelled in their respective fields. This diversity of experience and perspective allows us to craft a robust curriculum that ensures our students are well-prepared for the multifaceted challenges of tomorrow’s hyper-competitive world.